I Could Be Your Mother

I Could Be Your Mother

Two friends, one a Millennial and one Gen X, taking a funny, yet maybe not always accurate, walk down memory lane. Each week join Rebecca and Angeline as they explore the people, places and events that defined their generations! Then listen in as Josh discusses what is wrong with the world today...as he sees it from his curmudgeon corner!

Recent Episodes

S2 Ep.40 - Vacation Recap!!

Oct. 7, 2022

We are back from vacation and excited to tell Angeline all about our trip!! We will be back next week with another movie episode!! Be sure to follow us on all social media @icbympodcast.com. If you have any questions or wo…

S2 Ep 39 - Sleepaway Camp!!!

Sept. 30, 2022

This week the gang discusses the cult classic movie Sleepaway Camp! Spoiler Alert!!!! Be sure to watch the movie before listening as Josh has a big mouth and gives away the ending right at the top of the show!!! We all agr…

S2 Ep38 - Trivia!!!

Sept. 23, 2022

This week Josh and Rebecca are on vacation, so we recorded a minisode of trivia! Will Rebecca remain the Queen of Trivia? Listen to find out! Be sure to follow us on all social media @icbympodcast.com and if you have any qu…

S2 Ep.37 - After School Specials and Don't Be Late!

Sept. 16, 2022

This week, Rebecca quizzes Angeline and Josh on after school specials. Can they guess the plot by just the title? Then Josh comes on to tell us why being on time is important. Be sure to check us out on all social media @i…

S2 Ep 36 - Back to School Fashion & Why We Hate It!!

Sept. 9, 2022

This week, Angeline tackles back to school fashion and how she would rather die than see some things from our youth come back into style. Then Josh joins us for a true curmudgeon corner to discuss his disdain for airlines a…

S2 Ep35- Back to School Tips and Shocking Revelations about Josh

Sept. 2, 2022

This week we discuss Good Housekeeping's tips for a smooth transition back to school and how we would all fail as parents, not to mention how we had none of this stuff growing up. The Josh shocks us with some stories from h…

About the Hosts

Rebecca & Angeline Profile Photo

Rebecca & Angeline


Hey there!!! Thanks for checking out our podcast.
Rebecca...the Gen Xer, hails from Tucson Arizona (Go Wildcats!). She moved to Michigan in 2003, to live with her then long distance boyfriend Josh. While she loves living in Michigan, she will always be an Arizona girl at heart!

Angeline....everybody's favorite Millennial, was born and raised in Michigan! Currently single and ready to mingle, but maybe not for long....

Josh Smith Profile Photo

Josh Smith


Josh has basically lived everywhere, but has made Michigan his home since attending Michigan State University. He is an old soul and has a knack for making us laugh with his curmudgeon ways!!