I Could Be Your Mother

I Could Be Your Mother

Two friends, one a Millennial and one Gen X, taking a funny, yet maybe not always accurate, walk down memory lane. Each week join Rebecca and Angeline as they explore the people, places and events that defined their generations! Then listen in as Josh discusses what is wrong with the world today...as he sees it from his curmudgeon corner!

Recent Episodes

S2 EP20- Michigan's Pedophile Island and Grocery Games

May 20, 2022

This week, Angeline tells the tale of Michigan's Fox Island, which back in the late 70's was known as pedophile island around the same time of the Oakland County child murders. What was their connection? Listen in and see!…

S2 Ep19 - Allen v. Farrow Peepers Creepers

May 13, 2022

This week, Rebecca discusses the HBO Documentary series Allen v. Farrow. Angeline only knew half of the story! Then Josh comes on to discuss his golf outing with Steve, how human urine can be used as a fertilizer and how w…

S2 Ep18 - Roman Polanski & the Poop Hole Loophole

May 6, 2022

We are back to our normal format and it's Angeline's week this week!! She chose to tell the tale of Roman Polanski and why he will never be able to return to this country. Then Josh joins us for curmudgeon corner to discus…

S2 Ep17- Copycat, and Taco Bell

April 29, 2022

It is Rebecca's last movie and she threw a curve ball! This week the gang watches the 1995 thriller Copycat. So keep your squirrel covers on and join us. Josh is also full of topics to discuss, from men's jogging pants, t…

S2 Ep16 - Staying Alive and Ass Grapes!!!

April 22, 2022

This week Rebecca throws a curve ball and has Josh and Angeline watch the John Travolta classic Staying Alive! It seems the only thing Josh enjoyed about this one was the music, as he can't stop singing it. For curmudgeon …

S2 Ep15 - Happy Rex Manning Day!! Empire Records

April 15, 2022

This week we talk 1995's Empire Records. Would you consider this movie a flop or a cult classic?? Stick around til the end when Josh discusses where Angeline should live, what we should do for Rebecca's birthday and so muc…

About the Hosts

Rebecca & Angeline Profile Photo

Rebecca & Angeline


Hey there!!! Thanks for checking out our podcast.
Rebecca...the Gen Xer, hails from Tucson Arizona (Go Wildcats!). She moved to Michigan in 2003, to live with her then long distance boyfriend Josh. While she loves living in Michigan, she will always be an Arizona girl at heart!

Angeline....everybody's favorite Millennial, was born and raised in Michigan! Currently single and ready to mingle, but maybe not for long....

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Josh Smith


Josh has basically lived everywhere, but has made Michigan his home since attending Michigan State University. He is an old soul and has a knack for making us laugh with his curmudgeon ways!!