I Could Be Your Mother

I Could Be Your Mother

Two friends, one a Millennial and one Gen X, taking a funny, yet maybe not always accurate, walk down memory lane. Each week join Rebecca and Angeline as they explore the people, places and events that defined their generations! Then listen in as Josh discusses what is wrong with the world today...as he sees it from his curmudgeon corner!

Recent Episodes

S2 Ep49 - Spirited...for about 15 Minutes

Dec. 9, 2022

This week we kick off our Christmas mini-sodes with the new Christmas movie Spirited. In true fashion, we get sidetracked with other stories and matters to discuss. Be sure to follow us on all social media @icbympodcast. I…

S2 Ep48 - 1913 Christmas Massacre, Hunting Camp, Angel Food Cake & MC Hammer

Dec. 2, 2022

This week, Angeline brings the holiday sadness with the 1913 Christmas Massacre. Then Josh comes in to discuss Hunting Camp and his disappointment with Not Joe, Angel Food Cake and his disappointment and how all Bollywood m…

S2 Ep.47 - Richard Simmons, No Socks, New Boots

Nov. 25, 2022

This week Rebecca answers the question on everyone's mind, what happened to Richard Simmons? Then Josh comes in to talk about how he does not like people that wear tennis shoes with no socks with a suit, Rebecca does not li…

S2 Ep 46 - Jayne Mansfield and Josh's Matchmaking Service

Nov. 18, 2022

This week, Angeline discusses the death of Jayne Mansfield...with little detail according to Rebecca. Then Josh comes in to discuss men's suits, where to leave dead deer, and matchmaking for Angeline. Be sure to follow us o…

S2 Ep 45- I BerchTOLD You This Guy Is Bad News!!!!

Nov. 11, 2022

This week Rebecca discusses the documentary and new scripted series depicting the child abduction of Jan Broberg by Bob Berchtold. The Josh joins us to discuss everyone's favorite topics, sports and politics!! Be sure to fo…

S2 Ep. 44- I Love You, Josh Still Hates Tank Tops

Nov. 4, 2022

This week, Angeline discusses the documentary I Love You, You Hate Me about America's love hate relationship with Barney. The Josh comes in for curmudgeon corner to discuss egg sandwiches, tank tops, his tiny friend Joe, he…

About the Hosts

Rebecca & Angeline Profile Photo

Rebecca & Angeline


Hey there!!! Thanks for checking out our podcast.
Rebecca...the Gen Xer, hails from Tucson Arizona (Go Wildcats!). She moved to Michigan in 2003, to live with her then long distance boyfriend Josh. While she loves living in Michigan, she will always be an Arizona girl at heart!

Angeline....everybody's favorite Millennial, was born and raised in Michigan! Currently single and ready to mingle, but maybe not for long....

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Josh Smith


Josh has basically lived everywhere, but has made Michigan his home since attending Michigan State University. He is an old soul and has a knack for making us laugh with his curmudgeon ways!!